Mornings – A New Canvas


Rising of the sun, beyond the horizon brings  a new dawn,  a fresh start, recharged energy, new thoughts,  new ideas, which gives the mind a whole new canvas for the day to paint a whole new picture.
The body has rested throughout the night and is ready to take on the day but what controls the body is the mind. The energy that the new day brings needs to be converted into a positive attitude which would help your mind to get off to a good start.
You need to start your day with the activities that give you the highest motivation. Different people have different ways to start their day, 

A glass of water then a good, hearty cup of coffee or tea, or your morning drink is a good way. A good way also is to avoid mobile phones or screens after you wake up, resist that temptation! But after, what works best for me to induce positive, productive motivation is Yoga.
Yoga has always been effective in bringing morning serenity, focus and peace of mind.
A good start in morning helps you concentrate and focus much better in the tasks that need to be carried out throughout the day. It keeps you happy and cheerful, helps spread positive vibes and gives you enough confidence to face the day. As with true peace of mind you connect with your soul and realize what you really are, what all you can achieve, what’s really stopping you from achieving your aims and objectives and how to work in the way which would earn maximum efficiency thus bringing you closer day by day to convert a dream into reality. For converting your dream into reality gives you bliss and joy of a lifetime which everyone must experience. The sweet taste of victory after a hard fought battle, a true test of patience, dedication, diligence, perseverance which lasted over the years.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama or Alternate Nostril Breathing helps me gather my focus, concentration and energy and work on my respiration. Which is the essence of life!
I try to channelize my energy on proper respiration and try to forget about everything that my mind wants to think about.  Try to feel every molecule of air that goes inside your lungs,  feel your lungs expand as they happily take in the fresh morning air. And then slowly feel your body releasing all forms of tension,  negativity, and problems when you exhale out.

Another activity that I like to do after the Anulom Vilom Pranayama or Alternate Nostril Breathing, is what I call Recalling the Day where you sit back, close your eyes and focus all the concentrated power that you have achieved from Anulom Vilom to think about the previous day in reverse order in details, of all you did that day, from the time you dozed off to the time in the morning when you woke up! Or even before that, what you dreamt that night.
I feel this activity may help you in various ways such as,

◾Positive Vibes
Will help you start your day with a positive attitude and aim, momentum and energy.

◾Refreshes Mind
Clears out and refreshes your mind,  as it helps you digest and absorbe all the activities and instances which happened the day before and gives you a free, open, clear canvas in your mind to start the day and paint a whole new picture again.

◾Quicker Recall
Now since the brain is recording everything that we look,  perceive,  act,  see; going through the activities that happened the previous day helps you to recall important events or acts quickly and in a lucid manner when required,  making your brain sharper, faster and helping  you to remember things better.

◾Makes you more Focused
A mind may become more aware of its surroundings and acts happening that day,  thus helping you to concentrate and focus more on the tasks you are currently performing,  as in a way, it knows it needs to remember all the things being done,  so it can recall them more easily in the next morning analysis.

The Brain is the most powerful organ in our body, it literally controls everything and training it, analysing it, working with it is one of the best things that a person can do.
Working with yourself daily, would bring loads of positive changes in your lifestyle. Stick to a routine that suits you and you will soon start to observe the changes in your attitude and the positive morning energy that fill you up to take on the day!
A New Canvas for a New Day!


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